3 Bags Full @ Kota Damansara

Despite a name, it’s not all lamb during 3 Bags Full. In fact, this rather new investiture during Kota Damansara is set on portion good coffee and engaging dishes in a reduction than pretended atmosphere. Both times we were here, we were greeted enthusiastically by a accessible and comfortable staff who welcomed us like aged friends.

3 Bags Full Norwegian-Benedict

At 3 Bags Full there are dual sets of menu: brunch lunch and dinner. The brunch lunch menu facilities mostly lighter dishes during some-more affordable prices. Egg-based dishes, waffles and pasta make adult many of a selections and not to forget a vast choices of prohibited and cold beverages too.
As a name suggests, one would have approaching a Norwegian Benedict @ RM23 to have smoked salmon. But if we complicated a outline delicately you’d notice that it had turkey ham instead. However, smoked salmon and a handful of other mixture are accessible as add-ons for a reasonable price.
Anyway, a poached eggs were good finished – comfortable with that tasty runny coherence in a yolks. Everything else (hollandaise sauce, colourless muffin and shiitake) was gratifying as good and we favourite a crunchy boiled asparagus. we suspicion it was a good combined touch.


The Buffalo Cheese Sandwich @ RM23 was a bit of a letdown deliberation a cost and mixture that seemed promising. We couldn’t unequivocally detect a flavours blueberry mascarpone and buffalo cheese as advertised.

3 Bags Full Coffee

Coffees are pretty labelled here and a customary is adult there in my opinion. For non-caffeine drinkers, a milkshakes are good too and really value a try.


Our second revisit was during cooking use where some-more tasty and robust options are available. The lobster bisque @ RM13 was one of a specials of a day. It was rich, tawny and packed with essence only a approach we approaching it to be.

3 Bags Full Pan-Fried-Salmon

The Griddled Salmon Fillet @ RM39 was finished ideally – somewhat charred on a edges while a core was tender, pinkish and flakey all a approach through. The drizzle of red peppers pesto was positively necessary, as it towering this plate from good to something great. We also appreciated a healthy avocado accompaniment that has always been a classical pairing with salmon.

3 Bags Full Squid-Ink-Pasta

We were not too acceptable of carrying boiled ginger strands as garnishing, though differently a Squid Ink Pasta with Lobster Meat @ RM33 was deliciously briny. The lobster was well fresh, honeyed and tender and valid to be utterly a decadent experience.

3 Bags Full Sizzling-Brownie

Lastly, for desserts we could not suggest a Sizzling Brownie (RM17) more. Watch as a caramel salsa sizzles as it gets poured over a prohibited expel iron platter, melting a vanilla chocolate while cloaking a handcrafted spirit in a process.
It competence sound excessively sweet, though a caramel was indeed pickled so it offset off a benevolence of a brownie. A revisit to 3 Bags Full competence be fitting only for this dessert alone.





3 Bags Full Cafe Restaurant
No 38A-1, Jalan PJU 5/10
Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-6150 2831
Business hours: Tue to Fri (11am – 11pm), Sat to Sun (11am -12am) Closed on Mondays

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