Ais Kacang & Cendol Mamak Thamby Abdullah @ Melaka

Aunty Koh is so famous now that it’s roughly unfit to get a possibility to ambience her cendol anymore. we wouldn’t wish to risk pushing all a approach to her case usually to be told she has sole out, or carrying to wait for her case to open up.
I had to demeanour for an choice that is equally as good. Well, we am blissful to contend that we found one. The best thing is we don’t have to worry about it using out and it’s open roughly daily too.

He calls himself mamak Thamby Abdullah, and he has been offered his icy desserts here for years. Basically there’s usually dual forms of desserts being sole here: ABC and cendol. Special additional toppings embody durian flavored preserve and pulut. Price correct it’s unequivocally reasonable formed on a apportionment distance and quality.

His ais kacang is positively smashing with a innumerable of charming toppings. Everything was unequivocally uninformed and overall, a ABC does not ambience usually cloyingly honeyed and artificial. There are copiousness of other flavors and hardness going on in any sip: a refreshingly cooling weed jelly, worldly red beans, chewy tapioca pearls, buttery honeyed corn and a nuttiness from a crunchy peanuts. All of these accompanied by a abounding and savoury coconut milk.

The durian cendol here is also value a try. The approach he creates it is utterly special since besides usually adding durian sauce, he’d supplement some store-bought durian jellies (which indeed ambience great) into a cendol for a singular treat. It competence not demeanour really appetizing though we can assure you, it’s really good.

Depending on a series of customers, we competence need to wait a bit longer than common since it’s a one male show. He used to have a supporter who would do a dishes and purify a tables, though now he has to do all by himself. Despite all that he still managed to say a accessible use so we didn’t mind a wait during all.

After tasting so many ABC in Melaka, this by distant is a best for me. Not to discuss it’s authentic, inexpensive and not prepared in some hippy cafeteria during some touristy area. we wish he keeps a standard, continues to work during unchanging hours and not spin into another Aunty Koh.

ABC Cendol Mamak Thamby Abdullah
Jalan Thamby Abdullah, Bandar Hilir
75000 Melaka
Business hours: Daily 1.30pm – 6pm (Fri 2pm-6pm) Off days not fixed

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