What Bad Habits Can Damage Your Liver When You Wake Up In The Morning?

Mornings are a prime time for health, as long as you pay attention to the little details of life that are good for your health. However, some bad habits in the morning can cause damage to the liver, which can lead to liver disease in the long run. In order to protect your health, you try some traditional medicine such as 護肝保健品保肝寧馬來西亞,  Liver Health ProductsLiver ProtectorMalaysia after consultation with doctors. 

What bad habits can damage the liver when you wake up in the morning?

Holding urine: Some people refuse to get up and go to the toilet even if they have the urge to urinate in order to get more sleep, unless they can’t hold it in anymore and then they reluctantly wake up to urinate. Toxins in the body are mainly discharged through urine, sweat and excrement. Waking up in the morning to pee in time will help to flush toxins out of the body and prevent them from being retained in the body.

Skipping breakfast: The liver is the largest digestive gland in the body and the gallbladder is also part of the digestive system. Bile fluid is a highly concentrated liquid whose main function is to digest food. If you don’t eat breakfast for a long time, the bile fluid will not be able to perform its corresponding function and digest food, and the bile can slowly deposit crystals in the body, which can turn into gallstones. The liver and the gallbladder are inseparable, and damage to the gallbladder inevitably involves the liver.

Not drinking water in time: The liver is the most important detoxification organ in the body. Most toxins are metabolised in the liver and subsequently excreted from the body, a process that requires a lot of water, so drinking more water can replenish the body with water in time to avoid cell dehydration. Drinking plenty of water can also speed up blood circulation throughout the body, facilitating the discharge of metabolic waste, as well as discharging toxins from the body, relieving stress on the liver and helping to cleanse the body internally.

Eating breakfast too early: Some elderly people eat breakfast at five or six o’clock in the morning, which can affect the gastrointestinal tract. During sleep, the intestines and stomach are also resting. If breakfast is eaten too early, it can increase the digestive burden on the intestines and stomach, thus affecting the burden on the liver.

Eating leftovers in the morning: Many families eat leftovers in the morning for convenience, but leftovers can grow aflatoxins and bacteria that can harm liver health. Aflatoxin in particular is a class 1 carcinogen and can directly cause liver cancer.

A brief introduction of Rooftop rainwater harvesting systems

Roof rainwater harvesting systems are based on the principle of collecting and storing rainwater that falls on the roof with appropriate equipment. This method of collection is cleaner than surface rainwater collection. After all, there is no direct contact with the land and no secondary pollution. Roof rainwater harvesting systems consist of four basic devices, filters, inlets, float filters and overflow outlets, and depending on the model, price and customer requirements, the four above are essential in each case. In addition, the design of a roof rainwater harvesting system must follow certain principles.

Design principles for rainwater harvesting systems on roofs

Roofing materials

Metal, ceramic tiles, concrete materials, asbestos and other materials that are susceptible to moisture and hydrolysis are all suitable collection materials. In addition, certain materials contain heavy metals, such as lead, and should not be used as roofing for catchment areas.

Rainwater storage devices

Designs should be based on locally measured precipitation conditions. Due to the lack of on-site measurement data, the thickness of the abandoned stream should be 2-3 mm. based on the thickness of the abandoned stream and the actual catchment area, calculate the volume of the initial rainwater abandonment device, when the collection of rainwater, the use of automatic or manual valves, the rainwater into the regulating pool, self-control type mainly applied to the siphon roof rainwater collection system.

Cistern supporting system

Must be equipped with simple treatment systems and spray systems, fire-fighting systems and other water systems, and can also be directly supplemented by groundwater through infiltration pipe trenches. Installed on the roof, above ground or below. The storage facility requires an overflow device. Large buildings are usually installed underground.

Cistern construction materials

Must be acid resistant, alkali resistant and water-free. Non-polluting materials. Relatively mature, low cost, easy to install, maintenance-free and powerful rainwater storage module technology is already available on the market.

The price of a rooftop rainwater harvesting system mainly includes the construction costs and the subsequent use and maintenance costs. The construction price includes the design of the process drawings, the procurement of materials, the main construction of the project, the installation of the rainwater harvesting equipment, the completion of the project and the acceptance of the project. As one of the house owners, you may have been interested in such rain water harvesting system, for further contact and future planning, you may refer to rain gutter Malaysia for your services sooner or later. 

top server backup system Malaysia

When You Can Have the Best Data Server Support

The best online backup and recovery solutions not only protect modified files, but also capture changes to databases and open files, which contain some of the most important business data without interrupting the progress of your operations. Because they automatically capture system information as well as data, you can rest assured that you can easily restore an entire system to another location, with minimal intervention from technical personnel. Choosing the top server backup system Malaysia is the best choice.

What Is the Perfect immunization Deals You Can Go For Now

Although no instances of COVID-19 transmission have been documented via the faecal-oral route to far, cases of the closely related SARS virus (SARS CoV) have been confirmed during the 2003 pandemic. In Hong Kong, failures in an apartment building’s wastewater evacuation system have resulted in 342 contaminations and 42 fatalities, according to the authorities. Droplets carrying the virus had in fact moved to other apartment rooms via the air flow after passing through empty bathroom syphons and into the drains.

The capacity of SARS CoVid-2 to survive on various surfaces

In terms of the virus’s lifetime on various surfaces, there is very little information available at this time. Recent research, on the other hand, generated headlines across the globe when it was discovered that live virus particles could survive for several hours on copper, for 24 hours on cardboard, for 48 hours on stainless steel, and for 72 hours on plastic. The experiment, which was carried out in a controlled environment in a laboratory, may only be used as a point of reference for daily circumstances.

Once these delays have passed, says a coronavirus specialist from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in the United States, the danger of infection is very low. This is due to the fact that the quantity of particles in the air has been decreased significantly. Unlike other coronaviruses, SARS CoV-2, on the other hand, has certain changes that make it more infectious than other coronaviruses. As a result, while cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, the author advises that the greatest amount of care be used.

The best way to decontaminate after being exposed to the coronavirus

During this pandemic, coronavirus outbreaks may occur at any moment in a variety of settings, including hospitals, schools, retirement homes, cruise ships, hotels, jails, apartment complexes, and places of employment. Other public meeting places, such as sports stadiums, theatres, theatres, and shopping malls, may also get infected, increasing the chance of the virus spreading among a huge number of individuals who would then scatter across a wide geographic region after being infected.

Decontamination of a safe space is critical after even the smallest event involving an infected person, contamination by infectious material or waste, or contamination by infectious waste. Facility management must act promptly in order to avoid the spread of the virus and the overcrowding of the hospital system with new illnesses. As time passes, the virus’s exponential growth rate rises by a factor of two.

Cleaning and disinfecting procedures are used

Surface cleaning and disinfection are the most efficient ways of preventing the spread of COVID-19 in buildings, according to research. Before any disinfection service can be provided, a site inspection must be completed in order to develop a site-specific risk assessment, method statement, and safe operating procedures.

All Covering Deals With the Disinfection Sticks

Dr. Clo is a United states food and drug Class 1 Hospital Grade disinfection product that is intended to offer surface and airborne protection, creating a barrier against bacteria and viruses. Dr. Clo Malaysia is a disinfectant product that is designed to do is provide surface and airborne protection. Nanotechnology that has been patented operates continuously for up to 8 weeks and has a radius of 15 square metres, leaving no residues in the air or on surfaces, and it is non-toxic.

What Does The Studies Of Nursing Have To Offer?

In terms of patient care, training, and scope of practise, nurses differ from other health care practitioners. To achieve, maintain or restore a person’s optimal health and quality of life through nursing is a vocation within the health care sector. Nurses practise in a wide variety of specialisations, with varying levels of complexity. Most healthcare facilities are dominated by nurses, however, there is evidence of a global nursing shortage. As a result of this historic function, the public’s perception of nurses as care providers has been shaped.

Although most governments allow nurse practitioners to work independently in a variety of settings, some do not. After WWII, nursing education has evolved to include more advanced and specialised credentials, as well as changes to traditional regulations and functions.

Patients, their families, and other team members help nurses design a plan of care that focuses on treating sickness to improve quality of life.

As a result of this social contract, nursing has the power to practise. It also has systems for public accountability. Almost everywhere in the world, nursing practise is defined and regulated by law, and entry into the profession is regulated on a national or state scale. Worldwide, nurses strive to provide exceptional care for all patients, while keeping their certifications and adhering to a strict code of ethics as well as maintaining high standards and skills. Professional nursing education takes many different forms around the world, but they all require considerable study of nursing theory and practise, as well as training in clinical skills, to become a professional nurse.

As nurses, we take a comprehensive approach to the health and well-being of persons of all backgrounds, regardless of their age or health status. Physical science, social science, nursing philosophy, and technology are all used to provide care for those individuals in this profession.

Malaysia’s population is growing steadily. As a result, the demand for health care services will expand. There’s also the growing expectation of greater health care from the people. As a result, there is a larger demand for doctors and nurses, regardless of whether they have a degree or diploma. As a result of this, doctors often have a large number of patients to attend to at any given time Thus the nurse’s primary duty is to care for patients. Nursing is an excellent career choice if you’re a compassionate person who enjoys helping others.

As a result of the strong demand for nurses, they can expect a lot of job advancement chances and increased It’s a bright future for nurses and anyone working in the healthcare sector. Seeing your patients restore their health under your care is also a highly regarded career that is emotionally rewarding. Now is the time to take the first step to become a nurse. In order to enroll in a Nursing Diploma program, you must have three credits in SPM with credits in Bahasa Malaysia and Science, as well as one other subject, such as Math or English. For aspiring nurses, you’d be able to seek more information at kolej kejururawatan Kuala Lumpur.

Thaipusam: A Walk Among Gods

Selva, a devotee, in a coma as Lord Kali, a extreme Hindu goddess

Indians a universe over have a gesticulate that, as distant as we know, is singular to them. It is a laterally lift of a chin, customarily achieved in unanimity with a play of a eyes – a long, soft blink – and an roughly inaudible lean of a shoulders. Depending on context, it can be a yes, it can be a no, it can vigilance deference, it can vigilance a preference made. But regardless of context, a receiver always understands a message.

It is with this really gesticulate that Selva snapped out of his coma as Lord Kali, a extreme Hindu goddess. We are on a banks of a Batu River, that flows within eyesight of a famous Batu Caves, and it is a day before Thaipusam. During Thaipusam, Hindu devotees will commence a eventuality from a Batu River to Batu Caves, while behaving acts of penance such as carrying a earthy weight (called a “Kavadi”), or trenchant themselves with hooks or skewers. Devotees mostly enter into trances to perform these feats of endurance, job on one of Hinduism’s 33 million deities to possess them by perplexing rituals upheld down by a generations.

Ash is sprinkled over Selva’s head, as he enters into a trance

Initiating a trance

I am examination Selva perform one such ritual. First he cleanses himself. Traditionally, devotees take a drop in a river, yet record has now authorised for a open showering complement to be commissioned on a riverbank. Then, an elaborate ceremony, conducted with a assistance of his entourage, follows, involving incense, fruits, Kumkum powder and holy ash.

Try as we may, we can’t keep adult with or know a obstruction of rites. Small braziers are lit, and some of a equipment hold over a smoke. Milk is poured into dual china jars and cumulative to Selva’s Kavadi. Next to me, one of a women breaks into coma with a shriek. Another lady shortly follows suit. Amidst all this, Selva bows and touches a feet of his mother, a ultimate gesticulate of honour in Hinduism.

One of a members of Selva’s environment seems to perform a purpose of a priest, giving directions to a group. It is he who calls a coma on Selva. Selva stands before him, palms pulpy together, as he chants quietly. Ash is sprinkled over Selva’s head, and his physique starts to moving into a bow. we watch his eyes spin wild. With a scream, Selva drops to his knees, tongue out-stuck. He is Kali.

Next, a piercing. Selva’s penance this year involves trenchant his tongue. As Selva – or Lord Kali – stands, arms akimbo, staring during a mob that has shaped around him, an burdensome volume of rites is achieved over a prolonged china skewer that will be used. Meanwhile, he asks for a orange and chews on it. When a skewer is ready, he offers his tongue, that a clergyman dabs with Kumkum powder and ash, before slowly, laboriously, flitting a skewer by it. He doesn’t flinch. With a skewer secured, a clergyman binds Selva’s conduct in his hands, chants some prayers, and suddenly, as if roused from low thought, Selva’s physique relaxes. Without even looking up, he rises his chin sideways, and everybody in a organisation understands that a coma is over.

Now for a tiny matter of carrying a Kavadi all a approach to a church in Batu Caves. Like many other devotees, Selva will perform his eventuality currently – a day progressing – to equivocate a large crowds on a day proper. “It’s OK to do it a eve before,” explains Selva when we spoke to him earlier. “It is still within a portentous generation of time, when a Pusam star is during a tip indicate and it emanates certain energy.”

Selva starts his tour towards a cavern with a weight of his Kavadi on his shoulders

Positive energy

Energy would be a word to report Batu Caves that afternoon. The caves are a informed steer in Kuala Lumpur, a bone-white limestone cliffs surfaced with sprouting immature jungle mostly intruding into a city’s petrify skyline. When it does, it customarily provides visible relief, an oasis of ease amid civic bustle. But today, Batu Caves is buzzing with energy. Inside a park area around a caves, stalls line any walkway, offering eremite trinkets, clothes, cold drinks, vegetarian food, normal Indian candy and even furniture. The atmosphere is thick with a smell of spices and cooking oil, and vibrates with song blared from loudspeakers that have prolonged given detonate their diaphragms. Indians adore their song driving, pulsating, full-blooded. People are everywhere, jostling with you, job out to you, smiling during your camera, and when we appreciate them, lifting their chin laterally in return. Everyone and all is conspiring to kick behind a energy-sapping Malaysian afternoon heat.

As we travel closer to a caves, a tarpaulin tents of stalls partial to exhibit a famous 150 foot-tall golden statue of Lord Murugan. And subsequent to it, a 272 red-and-white stairs that takes visitors from belligerent spin adult to a mouth of a categorical cavern complex, within that resides a many visited Hindu church in a country. Closer to a feet of a caves, several organisations and associations have erected tents to offer giveaway vegetarian food to a expected 1.5 million visitors. At a behind of a tents, outrageous vats are cooking collection after collection of rice, that when piled into mounds on a list lonesome in banana leaves, resembles a tiny of a Swiss Alps.

The stage during Batu Caves during a day

In this gratifying atmosphere, Selva carries his Kavadi towards a cave. Kavadis operation in stretch and form, infrequently reaching adult to 7 feet above a bearer’s shoulders. But Selva has selected a medium chronicle imitative a carrying pole, flashy with Hindu motifs, and temperament a jar of divert during any end. He has walked some dual kilometres to arrive during a feet of a 272-step stairs that leads to a caves. All by a journey, by a song and a smell of food and a feverishness and a crowds, Selva confirmed stoic focus. Many devotees would enter into a coma for a whole generation of a procession, yet Selva is wakeful and clear-minded throughout. “That’s a approach we cite it,” he would explain later. “I wish to feel a weight on my shoulders.”

Joining a mob on their approach to a temple

Resonating with a masses

An hour and a half after a start of his pilgrimage, during a tip of a stairs, inside a temple, Selva completes his penance. His trenchant is removed. He passes a dual jars of divert to a priest, who pours it over a spear, before a tabernacle of Lord Murugan. we try to ask him how he feels. “I feel fine, no tiredness,” he says casually. “Usually if there is lassitude it will set in after a day or two, yet now we feel fine. Energised.”

The perspective from a cave

As we leave a temple, during a mouth of a cave, a perspective opens up. we see that a mob had distended significantly. Suddenly, we am wakeful of a bulk of a event. Below us, over a stairs streaming with people, a shape-shifting mob of devotees gravitates towards us, watched over by a golden Lord Murugan. Behind us, a gaping mouth of Batu Caves soars overhead. Surrounding it all was a eve sky, solemnly branch a colour of saffron.

At night, it’s a sea of of people, as a continue cools and some-more people start their pilgrimage

Thaipusam during night

At night, Thaipusam morphs into a opposite animal. The crowd, holding advantage of cooler weather, simply triples. The song continues unabated, yet a object is transposed by lights of all colours, casting changeable shadows in any direction. It is a busiest time of Thaipusam. we am with K. Anuharan, a advocate who flies behind from Australia any year for a procession. He is scheming to lift a 30 kg Kavadi to Batu Caves, yet we are stuck, literally, in a Kavadi jam.

Anuharan carries his Kavadi, goes into a coma and emerges as a Hindu deity Lord Hanuman

Stuck in Kavadi rush hour

Kavadis building over me from any direction. Large Kavadis, any accompanied by an environment of family and friends, and mostly by a normal drum unit as well. It is a vanquish of tellurian bodies, with not a moment’s silence, as a drum troupes take turns belting out rattling beats and devotees mangle out in chants of “Vel Vel Muruga”. We need to make it to a Batu River, where Anuharan can offer his prayers, lift his Kavadi, and trigger a trance. It is no some-more than a hundred metres away, yet we simply can’t get there. Anuharan is already dual hours late. He had designed to kick a night rise period, yet now finds himself pound in a center of it. In a impulse of calm, between organising his entourage, perplexing to navigate his Kavadi by a throng, and placating his immature daughter (who was worried since she was barefoot), he catches my eye. “Tension”, he says with a smile. Why? “Already dual hours late, and we had to make we wait.” we demur, he smiles. we am beholden adequate that he has authorised me to join his entourage.

It is motionless that it would be unfit to strech a riverbank. Anuharan will offer his prayers on a pavement where we stand. Items are brought out and placed on sheets of newspaper, braziers illuminated with camphor tablets. Amidst a noise, a jostling, a semi-darkness, we can hardly follow a protocol that takes place. Ash is dirty on his physique and his forehead. He prostrates himself before his elders. The divert jar is filled with milk, and fixed to a centre of a Kavadi. Somewhere, someone flips a switch, and Anuharan’s Kavadi flashes with multicolored lights. On a centrepiece of a Kavadi, a styrofoam peacock shimmers in a lights. Anuharan finds time to collect adult his daughter, and shows her a centrepiece. “See, all this we did for you.” Anuharan had swayed a Kavadi builder to supplement lights and a peacock to his Kavadi during a really final minute, even going to a border of purchasing a lights on his own, during a ask of his daughter. His daughter is placated.

It is time to lift his Kavadi. Bala, a Kavadi maker, helps mountain a Kavadi on his shoulders, adjusting a steel equipment to make certain that a weight is uniformly distributed opposite a shoulders. With a Kavadi strapped on, there is one final protocol before a approach starts – initiating a trance. The mob around senses something is happening, and spin to watch. Anuharan’s elders step brazen to magnify him. Anuharan asks for a drum unit to play louder. His environment starts chanting. His mom breaks into a coma and starts dancing before him. The chanting turns urgent. Anuharan takes it all in, palms pulpy together. His physique goes taut. He throws his conduct back, and with a good cry, he emerges as a Hindu deity Lord Hanuman, and immediately starts dancing.

Presenting himself before a tabernacle of Lord Murugan

A prolonged journey

Four hours later, Anuharan’s environment is still nonetheless to arrive during a stairs of Batu Caves. A true travel of a approach route would take an hour during most, yet it’s Kavadi rush hour. Moreover, Anuharan, hexed by a witty Lord Hanuman, insists on dancing his approach there. Anuharan would after tell me that he can’t dance to save his life.

As we nearby a caves, a vanquish of bodies becomes roughly suffocating. Ahead, a hulk statue of Lord Murugan rises into view. With many of a Kavadis during this hour illuminated adult like Christmas trees, we suppose a perspective from his vantage indicate would be utterly surreal – dancing boats of lights floating on a sea of tellurian bodies.

By a time we finally strech a summit, it is an hour past midnight. Below, a crowd, yet still huge, has begun to thin. Inside a temple, a Kavadi is dismounted, and Anuharan, as Lord Hanuman, presents himself before a tabernacle of Lord Murugan. It seemed like a dual deities common a moment. Then, Anuharan takes a splash of holy ash, presses it to his forehead, and, unexpected usually human, he collapses.

His family helps him to a shrine, where his charity of divert is poured out before a deity. As he lingers for a impulse longer, palms pulpy together opposite his front in prayer, his face contorts with emotion. His tour is over. Even examination him from a distance, we felt a release. This is a perfection not of a five-hour Kavadi pilgrimage, yet of a 48-day tour that started, with a derivation of his vows, in Australia. “Everything I’ve finished is out of friendship to Lord Murugan,” he would explain later. “It’s not only a divert that we offered, we wish to be a best that we can via a past 48 days. Hopefully that becomes a robe for a rest of a year, until a subsequent Thaipusam.”

Anuharan and his daughter, after completing his pilgrimage

All are welcome

As we leave a temple, we notice a organisation of Chinese Buddhists who had also only offering divert during a shrine. One of them even had a skewer by his cheeks and piercings on his back. It led me to remember a review with Selva previously: “Hinduism binds zero opposite other religions,” he said. “We trust God is one, and there are many ways for us to realize God.” Anuharan agrees. “Everyone has their possess tour to walk. we am brought adult a Hindu, so we travel in a Hindu trail to realize God, only as a Christian would travel in a Christian path, and as a Buddhist would travel in a Buddhist path.” In retrospect, this inclusiveness is unexpected clear to me. Both Selva and Anuharan authorised me, a stranger, to share a many dedicated partial of their lives, but meddling into my personal eremite beliefs. And after everything, they thanked me, even before we could appreciate them. Their acquire bordered on veneration: “This chairman contingency be sent to us by Lord Murugan!” exclaimed a member of Selva’s environment after a procession, holding my hand. we appreciate him in return, and he rises his chin sideways, a gesticulate that says it all.

Missed a initial partial of this series? We go behind a scenes of Kavadi creation to find out what it means to lift a burden.

Discover some-more things to do, see and experience in Malaysia during www.tourism.gov.my

Sikit Atas Restaurant & Bar @ Damansara Heights

There is no necessity of good restaurants during Damansara Heights. The severe partial is to demeanour for one where we can get nice, stuffing plate that also fits a normal salary-man’s budget. Cue a opening of opening of Sikit Atas (replacing Nerofico) – a infrequent dining grill that aims to offer robust nonetheless wallet accessible meals.
Like a name “Sikit Atas” suggests, we could find somewhat aloft standards of mixture and food credentials process here compared to other restaurants of identical cost range.


Besides a common Asian and Western menu, Sikit Atas also offers Northern Indian cuisine to support to a expats operative nearby. So pattern to see engaging alloy dishes such as Chicken Tikka pizza and Prawn n Curry Leafs pasta, only to name a few.
We started off with a delicious looking Chef’s Last Minute Salad @ RM18 consisting of a mesclun brew (assorted immature salad leaves), roasted chicken, cheese, seasoned octopus (similar to Chuka Idako), strips of turkey ham and quartered boiled eggs.
The salad’s vast apportionment with a inexhaustible garnishing make it probable to be common between dual people or more. It could even work as a categorical march for one given it has all we need in a well-balanced meal. For me, what unequivocally distant this salad from a rest is a chef’s special Caesar dressing. It only tasted right and done all come together perfectly.


Sikit Atas’ pizzas are baked regulating a normal wood-fired oven for that fascinating crispy on a outside, feathery on a inside texture. The Chicken Tikka Pizza @ RM20 (small) is their signature pizza and came rarely endorsed by a management.
Well, we could positively see why. This matrimony of Indian and Italian competence seem surprising during initial though it unequivocally worked. It roughly felt like carrying a crispy naan with duck tikka, though with a cheesy onion flavour.

Chicken Makhanwala

On hindsight – we would’ve systematic something else other than another flour-based food. But we did not bewail perplexing a Chicken Makhanwala (with chickpea curry) @ RM24 – a abounding and tawny curry-like plate that’s unequivocally amiable in spiciness.
So if we cite sharp food afterwards this competence not interest to you, as there are other spicier options in a menu. That being said, a essence of this plate was so good that we couldn’t conflict celebration a gravy like it was some kind of thick soup.

Bread Butter Pudding

If we like desserts, you’d be overloaded with choices since there’s a full page dedicated to it. Price wise, a desserts are unequivocally affordable and reasonable since a many costly one is a Classic Bread Butter Pudding (shown above) @ RM16, while a rest float around RM10 to RM13. Even some-more so when we cruise a fact that some desserts are served with Haagen Dazs ice cream.
It is also value observant that all a desserts and cakes accessible during Sikit Atas are done in-house instead of sourcing them from other bakeries.



The ambiance during Sikit Atas could be epitomised as sports bar meets song loll in an open dining space. The pattern also allows for copiousness of healthy light that accentuates a regard of this complicated nonetheless classical restaurant.



Currently, there are many promotions going on that seem unequivocally overwhelming from buy 1 giveaway 1 pasta to giveaway coffee (freshly brewed Grand Milano) for some-more than RM10 spent on desserts. So conduct on to their Facebook page to get a latest dip on their promotions. we don’t consider we will be means to list all of them here.

Ground Floor, Wisma Perintis
47 Jalan Dungun, Damansara Heights
50490 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2094 2489

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