Croissant Delicatessen @ Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas

Croissant Delicatessen is a sandwich bar that uses croissant instead of a common bread. It is located during a boulevards territory of Plaza Damas usually outward Hartamas Shopping Centre.
The easiest approach to demeanour for this newly non-stop grill is to demeanour for Subway and Pastryville, as it is situated between them. Staying tighten to your foe has never been truer!

Croissant Delicatessen Plaza Damas KL

Since Croissant Delicatessen usually occupies half a distance of a normal shoplot, a air-conditioned indoor dining space is utterly limited. So business in incomparable groups would have to settle for a al-fresco seats along a sidewalk.
For a croissants, there are a sum 4 flavours including classic, garlic, pumpkin and .. wasabi! Currently there are a usually a somewhat some-more than a handful of sandwich we could select from, any designed with a specific croissant essence in mind.


For example, it is endorsed that we get a wasabi croissant for a Ocean Tuna sandwich @ RM11.80. Wasabi is famous to go good with seafood that is since it is interconnected with tuna.
If we are disturbed that a wasabi essence would be overwhelming, don’t worry since a ambience is indeed really amiable – usually adequate to torment your senses. we rarely suggest this sandwich even yet it appears to be a many common one.


Not all croissant have a same texture, a pumpkin croissant has a thicker membrane hence ambience crunchier than a rest. It is suggested (you could select differently if we want) we get it for a Pumpkin, Mushroom Ham sandwich @ RM13.80. This sandwich has a lot of hardness going from a several stuffing with a rich, worldly flavour.


After perplexing out dual delectable croissants, time for a honeyed treat. The Mixed Berries Chantilly @ RM12.80 is a classical croissant filled with honeyed churned cream and chocolate sauce, served with churned berries for a lovely and fruity bite. If both your ardour and wallet allow, do try this dessert. We favourite it a lot notwithstanding being a small disorderly to suffer properly.


Another reason to rejoice: Croissant Delicatessen serves good coffee during reasonable prices. Don’t skip out a immature tea latte that we suspicion was truly a high experience.



Croissant Delicatessen
Lot P-3M(2), Plaza Ground Floor
Hartamas Shopping Centre
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 03-6206 4410
Business hours: 10:00am to 10:00pm

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