Harley’s Burgers @ Taman Tun Dr Ismail, KL

One would customarily associate burgers with diseased quick food in Malaysia yet Harley’s during TTDI competence be out to change this perception. Inspired by a American In-N-Out, Harley’s emphasizes on mutation of their burgers by doing divided with preservatives.
Their 100% Australian beef patties are never solidified nor precooked and all orders are baked during a time of sequence to safeguard freshness. Make no mistake though, Harley’s is a home-grown Malaysian code that is in a midst of expanding a series of outlets locally after a successful exam run in Yangon, Myanmar.

Harley's Set-Meal

The candid menu offers 3 varieties of hamburger, one duck burger and dual forms of boiled chicken. To make it a meal, we could name ice lemon tea or ginger tea afterwards name another side of potato salad, coleslaw or classical fries. For an additional RM2.50 we could ascent a libation into a some-more gratifying and stuffing milkshake – a renouned choice among a customers.

Harley's Cheese-Burger

I have a robe of comparing how a burger looks compared to what was advertised. In this case, Harley’s burgers positively upheld a exam as they demeanour identical to a ads and seem appetizing as well.
As for a burger salsa we could name between a Harley’s mayonnaise formed tip salsa or classical BBQ sauce. Both tasted equally good, with their possess merits so it’s unequivocally adult to your possess preference.
And given they do not overdo a sauce, a burger fits in your hand, binds good together and does not tumble detached into a messy mess. You could still, however ask for some-more salsa (at no additional assign during a moment) if we want.

Harley's 2x2-Burger

The Cheeseburger @ RM7.90 is a classical delivery and we could indeed ambience a healthy essence of a beef. Freshness of a veggies was apparent from a frail break of a lettuce, onion and luscious tomatoes. For beef lovers a 2×2 burger @ RM11.90 is not to be missed.
It is radically a cheeseburger with double a beef and cheese. If we are feeling unequivocally insatiable we could even sequence a 3×3, 4×4 or as many as your ardour and wallet allow.

Harley's Chicken-Burger

As for non beef eaters, we won’t feel left out as a crunchy Chicken Burger @ RM6.90 done with a whole duck thigh is a genuine pleasure on a own.

Harley's Crispy-Chicken


We also managed to try a Crispy Chicken (4pcs @ RM14.90) that emerged as a biggest warn of a meal. The vast pieces of boiled duck (sauce sachet for scale) put a other incomparable franchises to contrition and like a burgers, they were usually baked on order.
Despite carrying to wait 15 mins for it, a wait was simply value it since a boiled duck stayed prohibited and crispy via a meal.


Overall it was a gratifying knowledge during Harley’s and hopefully a food will be as good when new branches open in a future. Price-wise, we felt it was reasonable deliberation many of a mixture used in a burgers were noticeably higher compared to a rest.


LG-01 LG-0, LGB Tower
No.1, Jalan Wan Kadir,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail 60000 KL
Business hour: 7.30am – 11pm

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