Just Pie (Halal) @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre

I have had my satisfactory share of pies though a good one is tough to come by. Some competence have good fillings though bad crust, or good crust, though so-so fillings. Or maybe it’s since my bar has been set too high after tasting Maria’s tasty handcrafted beef pies.
So we am blissful to learn Just Pie, a internal and halal approved pie-making association that manages to strike a change between a good membrane and filling.

Most of a pies offering here are savoury, such as a classical duck mushroom, lamb stew, corpulent chilli beef and etc. There are of march some honeyed ones like tiramisu, Nutella mille crepe and red velvet usually to name a few.
Being a beef partner we had to try their Steak Cheese pie @ RM9.50. You don’t need me to tell you, usually demeanour during a flakiness of a smoke fritter – it’s paper skinny and melts in your mouth. As for a beef filling, it’s proposal and flavorful enough, nonetheless we do wish it had some-more meat.

Tiramisu Pie @ RM13.70 – it’s a small denser than a standard tiramisu, not too honeyed with a good volume of chocolate.

The Caramel Banana @ RM9.50 is a personal recommendation from a owner. It has a wet banana stuffing that’s layered with walnuts, raisins and somewhat honeyed with caramel sauce. Although it competence sound really sweet, it’s indeed not. In fact, many of a benevolence comes from a banana and a pleasant raisins.

The final cake we had was a Apple Crumble @ RM9.50 – a throng favourite due to a laxity with apple pies. Personally, we like that they used apple cubes instead of puree to give a cake a improved texture. Cinnamon is also benefaction though used sparingly usually for a hold of fortifying aroma.

Despite carrying to make hundreds of pies daily, Just Pie insists on gripping a tradition by creation them by hand. And as with any peculiarity product, usually a best probable mixture are used to bake a pies and there’s no preservatives either.
For take away, it’s endorsed that we reheat a pies regulating an oven (instead of microwave) so that they won’t dry adult in a process.

Just Pie (Halal)
SK106, Second Floor
1 Utama Shopping Centre
Tel: 012-217 8943 (Herman)

Other branches: Midvalley Megamall IOI City Mall

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