Kedai Makanan Ah Heng @ Lorong Tiong Nam 3, KL

Kedai Makanan Ah Heng is a curbside hawker case that serves a operation of normal Chinese beef dishes. They are maybe many famous for their white peppers pig stomach soup – guaranteed to perk we adult and comfortable your swell during a same time.

A singular apportionment of a soup with strips of pig stomach and a span of duck feet costs RM9, a satisfactory cost deliberation a apportionment size. The soup is intensely piquant (as expected) yet appetizing, best enjoyed while it’s still comfortable before a season goes flat.

Another quintessential plate here is a Claypot Spare Ribs @ RM12. Even yet a soup looks identical to a peppers soup above, it’s indeed honeyed and tasty with a good herbal undertone. we was utterly astounded during how proposal a gangling ribs were. They usually indispensable a hold of light soy salsa to move out a healthy benevolence of a meat. Simple and nice.

Next up, Braised Pork @ RM8. You could select pig belly, trotters, viscera or also brew them adult if we want. we suspicion this was normal during best given we felt a braised salsa was not thick and dainty enough. That said, a pig viscera were cleared entirely so there wasn’t any musty smell.

There are a integrate of duck dishes here yet we motionless to try a Hua Diao Chicken @ RM12 given duck curry is too common, and we are not unequivocally a fan of rice booze chicken.
It was tasty interjection to a perfumed ‘hua diao’ aroma and a punch of ginger that always goes good with Chinese wine. Among a 4 dishes we tried, this was a strongest tasting one.

The menu is displayed on a signboard. If we can’t review Chinese, other offerings here embody pig trotter in vinegar and ginger dish (zhu kiok chou), sour gourd and pig ribs stew, pig swell with mustard cabbage (mui choy), pig trotter/belly with carrot, pale vegetables (in oyster sauce) and fish cakes.

Our dish cost RM46.60 (inclusive of rice and herbal drinks) that is understandably pricey given we had 4 beef dishes. Overall a food here is not bad yet zero unequivocally illusory either. Nonetheless, it was a estimable knowledge that we would suggest to anyone who’s meddlesome in this kind of food.

Kedai Makanan Ah Heng
Lorong Tiong Nam 3, Chow Kit
50350, KL
Business hours: 6pm to 1am
Tel: 016-956 9353

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