Ramen Kanbe @ Empire Damansara, Petaling Jaya

Not all ramen are combined equal. So before we confirm to eat during Ramen Kanbe, do know that their soup is soy formed and prepared with duck skeleton and vegetables for a light and purify taste.
If we are awaiting thick and low flavoured ramen like those served during Ippudo or Menya Kamikaze, we consider you’d be in for a disappointment. That being said, let’s take a demeanour during some of a dishes offering here.


Besides soy formed ramen there’s also a sharp choice that is renouned with a ladies and a cold ramen for a additional prohibited days. One thing we find peculiar about a ramen is that all of them do not come with a cooking egg. Instead, we have an choice to supplement it on alongside some other toppings. Anyway it was usually RM3 for an egg and it was served separately.


The Charsiu Ramen @ RM21 is a many renouned object during Ramen Kanbe for a inexhaustible apportionment of burn siu – 7 slices in total. Combined with dual opposite soya sauce, high peculiarity kelp from Hokkaido and salt, a well-seasoned soup has a “clean” coming with a amiable flavour.
The in-house done ramen noodles tasted uninformed with a sleazy well-spoken hardness that’s softer than usual, roughly identical to soba. As for a burn siu, a pig slices were thin, really gaunt comparatively proposal yet really not greasy nor melt-in-your-mouth.


For dishes, there’s duck Karaage @ RM10 – a tasty Japanese boiled duck done regulating weak thigh only. Recommended stuff.


Pan parched Gyoza @ RM10 – a altogether seasoning competence not be clever adequate for Malaysian ambience buds.


If we like their charsiu it is also accessible in break apportionment distance to go with beer. The Otsumami Charsiu @ RM10 has a somewhat opposite ambience from a one served in a noodles, as it was easily soaked in their special soya salsa for a some-more delectable flavour.


A few rice options are accessible here as good with their signature one being a Tenshin-Han Rice. It is fundamentally steamed rice lonesome with a boiled egg and surfaced with their special mix of soya sauce.
But a apportionment looked utterly large so we motionless to try their chef’s special Mini Fried Rice @ RM9 instead. It was good flavoured and full of chunks of meat, despite a small wet for my liking.


As distant as use goes it was delightfully Japanese and tip nick for sure. Overall, it left us with a certain sense even yet a food might not be mind-blowingly good.


Ramen Kanbe
G28, Block Empire Retail
Empire Damansara No.2, Jalan PJU 8
47820, PJ, Selangor
Tel : 016-202 5812
Business hours: 11.30am – 10pm

Shaheen Palace Moghul Cuisine @ Kampung Baru

Shaheen Palace serves Northern Indian and Pakistani cuisine with a Malaysian touch. Stepping into a grill feels like a time diverge – unequivocally aged propagandize and a walls are lonesome with cinema from their country menu.
Due to miss of manpower (main plea in any FB business) it was sealed temporarily for a few months during midst of final year. But they have reopened given Aug 2014 and is still in operation on a day of this post.


In short, abounding and savoury Moghul cuisine is served here and we have over a hundred affordable dishes to select from. Talk about choices. Despite looking burning hot, many of a dishes we systematic that day were intensely amiable in spiciness and shouldn’t poise a problem to any Malaysian.
However, if we are looking for something spicicer, a kitchen could balance adult a feverishness accordingly. Or we could simply ask for a sharp recommendation, despite usually a handful of options are available.


The Biryani here is pronounced to be unequivocally good yet we were in a mood for naan instead. So we skipped a rice dishes and went for a Shaheen Tandoori Naan @ RM9.90. It was surfaced with skinny cheese shreds, fruit cocktails and jellies with a essence some-more to a honeyed side.


The Bombay Butter Chicken served with a inexhaustible garnishing of cashew nuts and raisins @ RM19.90 is one of a signature dishes here and we can’t suggest it enough. The tawny curry-like gravy was abounding in a essential elements of an Indian plate and goes intensely good with naan, that we gladly mopped adult each final dump of it. Even yet duck breast is used, a beef was proposal adequate to be enjoyed.

Shaheen-Palace Handi-Gosht

Handi Gosht (Mutton Stew) @ RM18.90 is another signature plate that came rarely endorsed by a owner. The mutton was soft, well-spiced and tasty after being delayed baked for a prolonged period. The gravy, that seemed prohibited was indeed unequivocally amiable and also tasted good with naan. But we still elite a butter chicken’s for a thicker consistency.

Shaheen-Palace Palak-Cream

Palak Cream @ RM7.90 – we felt a seasoning was a bit off, as it tasted a tad too salty. This was a usually plate we did not conduct to finish.

Shaheen-Palace Sizzling-Fish

We also systematic a seafood plate that was a Shaheen Sizzling Fish @ RM25.90. Sizzling vessel dishes are also a specialty here and we could have it with prawns, beef and chicken. Flavour correct it was unequivocally identical to a meal we had yet with a heavier tomato presence. The fish was unequivocally uninformed yet altogether a plate felt utterly oily.


For initial timers, this grill could be wily to find since it’s indeed utterly dark from a categorical road. Even with Waze and GPS we had to ask a business owners circuitously for a accurate location.
Despite some teenager misses in dual of a dishes, Shaheen Palace was still value a difficulty looking for. Ultimately, a good still outweighed a bad by a prolonged shot.


Shaheen Palace – The House of Authentic Moghul Cuisine
27, Lorong Haji Hussein Satu
Kampung Baru, 50300 Kuala Lumpur
Business hours: Mon – Thu (12pm – 11pm), Fri (5pm – 11pm), Sat – Sun (12pm – 11pm)
Tel: 03-2698 2828 / 012-224 9551

Harley’s Burgers @ Taman Tun Dr Ismail, KL

One would customarily associate burgers with diseased quick food in Malaysia yet Harley’s during TTDI competence be out to change this perception. Inspired by a American In-N-Out, Harley’s emphasizes on mutation of their burgers by doing divided with preservatives.
Their 100% Australian beef patties are never solidified nor precooked and all orders are baked during a time of sequence to safeguard freshness. Make no mistake though, Harley’s is a home-grown Malaysian code that is in a midst of expanding a series of outlets locally after a successful exam run in Yangon, Myanmar.

Harley's Set-Meal

The candid menu offers 3 varieties of hamburger, one duck burger and dual forms of boiled chicken. To make it a meal, we could name ice lemon tea or ginger tea afterwards name another side of potato salad, coleslaw or classical fries. For an additional RM2.50 we could ascent a libation into a some-more gratifying and stuffing milkshake – a renouned choice among a customers.

Harley's Cheese-Burger

I have a robe of comparing how a burger looks compared to what was advertised. In this case, Harley’s burgers positively upheld a exam as they demeanour identical to a ads and seem appetizing as well.
As for a burger salsa we could name between a Harley’s mayonnaise formed tip salsa or classical BBQ sauce. Both tasted equally good, with their possess merits so it’s unequivocally adult to your possess preference.
And given they do not overdo a sauce, a burger fits in your hand, binds good together and does not tumble detached into a messy mess. You could still, however ask for some-more salsa (at no additional assign during a moment) if we want.

Harley's 2x2-Burger

The Cheeseburger @ RM7.90 is a classical delivery and we could indeed ambience a healthy essence of a beef. Freshness of a veggies was apparent from a frail break of a lettuce, onion and luscious tomatoes. For beef lovers a 2×2 burger @ RM11.90 is not to be missed.
It is radically a cheeseburger with double a beef and cheese. If we are feeling unequivocally insatiable we could even sequence a 3×3, 4×4 or as many as your ardour and wallet allow.

Harley's Chicken-Burger

As for non beef eaters, we won’t feel left out as a crunchy Chicken Burger @ RM6.90 done with a whole duck thigh is a genuine pleasure on a own.

Harley's Crispy-Chicken


We also managed to try a Crispy Chicken (4pcs @ RM14.90) that emerged as a biggest warn of a meal. The vast pieces of boiled duck (sauce sachet for scale) put a other incomparable franchises to contrition and like a burgers, they were usually baked on order.
Despite carrying to wait 15 mins for it, a wait was simply value it since a boiled duck stayed prohibited and crispy via a meal.


Overall it was a gratifying knowledge during Harley’s and hopefully a food will be as good when new branches open in a future. Price-wise, we felt it was reasonable deliberation many of a mixture used in a burgers were noticeably higher compared to a rest.


LG-01 LG-0, LGB Tower
No.1, Jalan Wan Kadir,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail 60000 KL
Business hour: 7.30am – 11pm

Al-Hamra Restaurant during Mataram

After a prolonged stretch roving from a jetty of Gili Nanggu, we reached a collateral of Lombok Island – Mataram. Our motorist directly expostulate us to a grill for dinner, yes…we were hungry!

Al-Hamra Restaurant (Arabian cuisine) (S8.58223 E116.10534),  we reached a end in a ideal timing! Because energy failure! The whole grill was aflame with candles and looks regretful in a way…haha!

 print IMG_3358_zps01ce63c5.jpg

There were candles aflame in each dilemma in a restaurant, and all us were watchful in a room…for dinner.

 print IMG_3342_zpsb034d0a9.jpg
 print IMG_3343_zps58811c77.jpg

Fortunately a electricity resume in about 15 minutes…smile on everybody face instantly! Haha!

And we started to snap around…the grill is flashy in Arabian way…cozy, relax and comfort in each corner.

 print IMG_3355_zps76f5a435.jpg
 print IMG_3356_zps3e988a26.jpg

One of a debate partner is a vegetarian, and her plate was a initial on a table…well, no criticism on it.

 print IMG_3350_zps9304c487.jpg

After a while, everybody food was served on table, flattering fast! Everyone has same plate that was a duck soup, followed by their signature grilled lamb.

 print IMG_3363_zpsd7b365f8.jpg

The soup was tasty, and somehow a bit singular of a taste. we utterly like it.

The grilled lamb was good marinated, though not proposal enough…maybe due to a energy failure…maybe…but we enjoyed a lamb really much!
It ambience differently review with Arab cuisine in Malaysia, we trust all since of a opposite spices and spices were use to prepared.

 print IMG_3367_zpszpxhhyaq.jpg
 print IMG_3370_zps4cc0ec8d.jpg
 print IMG_3368_zpsv7fptbro.jpg

Everyone was served for a Arabian boiled rice after a lamb. We like a special ambience of it, went good with a sambal chili. Excellent!

 print IMG_3374_zps6400b1dc.jpg

I’m not good to outcome in Arabian cuisine, though a cooking was ambience above average. It’s value to try if we are occur in Mataram, Lombok Island.

The grill has plenty parking lot, even for demonstrate bus…we satisfied it after a electricity resume.

 print IMG_3359_zps78cef0c1.jpg

After a dinner, we had another 45 mins on highway roving behind to Senggigi beach where a review located…let’s rockz!

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BarBQ Plaza Eat All You Can Refill Promotion

As a fan of BarBQ Plaza, we was anxious to know that their eat all we can promo is back. Basically we get to sequence sum refills of ala grant from their special menu for a bound price.
For RM29.90 we get a Happy Refills, that embody mostly meat, vegetables and some processed food. For an additional RM10 we could opt for a Super Refill that let we indulge in seafood too such as shrimp, mussles, fish fillet, bombard scallops and a few some-more reward meats like Australian Lamb. If we ask me, a RM10 is value profitable for a additional tantalizing stuff.

Here’s a eat all we can menu. Even yet it says a dining time is singular to 120 minutes, we don’t consider it was particularly enforced. But don’t take my difference for it, as it competence be a opposite box during other branches.
If we are wondering, we had this dish during their AEON Metro Prima Kepong branch. To start off with a meal, we are asked to select between a Economy Pork and Beef set. Then, fill in a customized grouping chits on a list for a refillable items.


We went for a Economy Pork Set. The sirloin, pig swell and Australian Lamb were some-more gratifying compared to a other beef selections.


We also had a lot of seafood. The uninformed and proposal shrimps were a many beguiling for us followed by a fish fillets. The rest was alright – zero yet your standard solidified seafood found during any smorgasboard steamboat restaurants.

barbq piazza Australian-Lamb-and-Smoked-Duck

The refillable equipment come in tiny portions. we consider that is a good thing given it allows we to try opposite food equipment and conduct your dish better. Drinks are charity in a menu too yet usually singular to Chinese tea, herbal tea and immature tea.


Even yet it’s eat all we can, a peculiarity of a food is still good maintained. The turn of compensation we got was still really identical to what we used to suffer formerly by grouping around a ala grant menu. Also, a salsa and orange extract are now served in bottles for improved patron convenience.


For a new SPM leavers, we should know that BarBQ Plaza is charity giveaway and ignored Happy Refill dishes according to your formula until 20th Mar 2015. Just move your SPM outcome slips and marker label for corroboration for redemption. Because of this, a grill was full of tyro customers.


I am not certain how prolonged this graduation will final given there’s no central word about it. Just keep in mind that a eat all we can promo is accessible during all outlets, yet usually during weekdays. No reservation is allowed, as business are served on initial come initial offer basis.
In sum we paid about RM94 for dual pax that enclosed all a use and supervision taxes – value it if we are large eater, even some-more so if we like BarBQ Plaza as most as we do. Check out their Facebook for a latest refurbish on any persisting promo.

Aeon Metro Prima Kepong, Lot F26
Tel : 603- 6730 8401
Other branches information can be found here

3 Bags Full @ Kota Damansara

Despite a name, it’s not all lamb during 3 Bags Full. In fact, this rather new investiture during Kota Damansara is set on portion good coffee and engaging dishes in a reduction than pretended atmosphere. Both times we were here, we were greeted enthusiastically by a accessible and comfortable staff who welcomed us like aged friends.

3 Bags Full Norwegian-Benedict

At 3 Bags Full there are dual sets of menu: brunch lunch and dinner. The brunch lunch menu facilities mostly lighter dishes during some-more affordable prices. Egg-based dishes, waffles and pasta make adult many of a selections and not to forget a vast choices of prohibited and cold beverages too.
As a name suggests, one would have approaching a Norwegian Benedict @ RM23 to have smoked salmon. But if we complicated a outline delicately you’d notice that it had turkey ham instead. However, smoked salmon and a handful of other mixture are accessible as add-ons for a reasonable price.
Anyway, a poached eggs were good finished – comfortable with that tasty runny coherence in a yolks. Everything else (hollandaise sauce, colourless muffin and shiitake) was gratifying as good and we favourite a crunchy boiled asparagus. we suspicion it was a good combined touch.


The Buffalo Cheese Sandwich @ RM23 was a bit of a letdown deliberation a cost and mixture that seemed promising. We couldn’t unequivocally detect a flavours blueberry mascarpone and buffalo cheese as advertised.

3 Bags Full Coffee

Coffees are pretty labelled here and a customary is adult there in my opinion. For non-caffeine drinkers, a milkshakes are good too and really value a try.


Our second revisit was during cooking use where some-more tasty and robust options are available. The lobster bisque @ RM13 was one of a specials of a day. It was rich, tawny and packed with essence only a approach we approaching it to be.

3 Bags Full Pan-Fried-Salmon

The Griddled Salmon Fillet @ RM39 was finished ideally – somewhat charred on a edges while a core was tender, pinkish and flakey all a approach through. The drizzle of red peppers pesto was positively necessary, as it towering this plate from good to something great. We also appreciated a healthy avocado accompaniment that has always been a classical pairing with salmon.

3 Bags Full Squid-Ink-Pasta

We were not too acceptable of carrying boiled ginger strands as garnishing, though differently a Squid Ink Pasta with Lobster Meat @ RM33 was deliciously briny. The lobster was well fresh, honeyed and tender and valid to be utterly a decadent experience.

3 Bags Full Sizzling-Brownie

Lastly, for desserts we could not suggest a Sizzling Brownie (RM17) more. Watch as a caramel salsa sizzles as it gets poured over a prohibited expel iron platter, melting a vanilla chocolate while cloaking a handcrafted spirit in a process.
It competence sound excessively sweet, though a caramel was indeed pickled so it offset off a benevolence of a brownie. A revisit to 3 Bags Full competence be fitting only for this dessert alone.





3 Bags Full Cafe Restaurant
No 38A-1, Jalan PJU 5/10
Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-6150 2831
Business hours: Tue to Fri (11am – 11pm), Sat to Sun (11am -12am) Closed on Mondays

Sg Dua Char Koay Teow @ Butterworth, Penang

I have substantially pronounced this a few times before yet we am going to repeat it again. If we are a Char Koay Teow (CKT) partner and formulation on visiting Penang soon, do yourself a foster and try a Malay chronicle as well. It is also referred to as Koay Teow basah, as it does have a soppy coming due to a gravy.
Do keep in mind though, that this is not a Halal chronicle of a Chinese CKT. The mixture competence seem identical yet a credentials character and ambience are totally different.
And of march this kind of CKT could also be found in KL. But carrying attempted utterly a few of them, we got to contend they are still a distant cry from a best.

Sg Dua Char-Koay-Teow-Biasa

For some reasons this image is some-more renouned and simply accessible during a mainland side of Penang eg. Bukit Mertajam, Butterworth and Seberang Jaya. Each city we mentioned has a possess CKT stalls and restaurants with their possess following of customers.
The latest CKT we attempted was located during Jalan Sungai Dua during Butterworth. Besides dishing out good CKT, they are also famous for soaking a duck eggs before to cooking hence their ‘telur di basuh’ tagline.
There are 3 versions of CKT we could try here: biasa (RM4.50) , besar (RM5) and special (RM5.50). The biasa one shown above is some-more of break apportionment yet should be gratifying adequate for a ladies. It has usually a handful of noodles with a few prawns and cockles.

Sg Dua Char-Koay-Teow-Special

I always go for a special chronicle that has a some-more inexhaustible portion of seafood and surfaced off with a boiled egg. The additional RM1 is value profitable for if we ask me.
It will not win any awards for display yet we assure we it tasted unequivocally delicious. The essence is especially honeyed and delectable subsequent from a baked prawns, finish with a sniff of incense from a combined eggs. But a tip part to a unequivocally good CKT is a tip ‘kicap’ that goes into it – instead of a cook or his skills and experience.

Sg Dua Char Koay Teow-Special

Among a many CKT stalls we have been to, this was a usually one that offering boiled prawns alone. we gave it a try quite out of oddity and found that a salsa had a some-more heated flavour. However, we won’t be grouping it again given it cost RM7 per plate. I’d rather have another portion of their special CKT.


With 4 chefs during work, plats of CKT literally fly out of a kitchen. So it won’t take prolonged for your orders to arrive. Ordering your food, on a other palm could be a wily and rather antipathetic experience.

Sg Dua Char Koay Teow

Sg Dua Char Koay Teow

Besides Sg Dua, we could also find this various of CKT during AlmaBukit Mertajam and Seberang Jaya. All of them are equally good with usually a extrinsic difference.

Sungai Dua Char Koay Teow (Telur Ayam Di Basuh)
Jalan Sungai Dua
13800 Butterworth, Penang
Business hours: 5pm – 3am (closed on Wednesdays)


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We wish to write a comments and views on a growth of a tourism zone in Melaka so that aged informative wealth can be defended and new ones generated to attract some-more visitors to a Melakan shores.

For us to continue a journey, we like to entice visitors to coop their comments and views so that we can emanate a tolerable and colourful tourism zone in Melaka.


TW Kang


‘Flying ships’ entrance from Melaka factory

January 11, 2015

CM launches new low-altitude drifting qualification that can land on water.
fly ship_300MELAKA: Melaka will make “flying ships” or multipurpose Wing-In-Ground Effect aircraft that can journey during low altitudes of adult to 150m over prosaic surfaces, many mostly over water.

Chief Minister Idris Haron pronounced a aircraft would be assembled during a bureau nearby here by 2014. The make of a vehicle, regulating South Korean technology, would captivate some-more investors to a state.
The car operates rather like a hovercraft and an aircraft and can be used for hunt and rescue operations in a ocean. “Besides, it can also be used for tourism purposes,” Idris pronounced after rising a Jebat M727 belligerent outcome car on Friday.

The vehicle, built by Aron Rinani Sdn Bhd, can fly during adult to 150m and has a operation of 800km.
Aron Rinani boss Noor Azerai Ahmad pronounced a initial vehicle, costing US$1 million, would be prepared by Jun during a public plant in Masjid Tanah, Alor Gajah.

As a stream bureau can usually furnish 7 vehicles a year, a new plant will be assembled in Teluk Gong, Alor Gajah, with a capabiity to furnish 50 vehicles a year.
He pronounced a association had perceived orders for 100 units from several companies.

Article source

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