Ais Kacang & Cendol Mamak Thamby Abdullah @ Melaka

Aunty Koh is so famous now that it’s roughly unfit to get a possibility to ambience her cendol anymore. we wouldn’t wish to risk pushing all a approach to her case usually to be told she has sole out, or carrying to wait for her case to open up.
I had to demeanour for an choice that is equally as good. Well, we am blissful to contend that we found one. The best thing is we don’t have to worry about it using out and it’s open roughly daily too.

He calls himself mamak Thamby Abdullah, and he has been offered his icy desserts here for years. Basically there’s usually dual forms of desserts being sole here: ABC and cendol. Special additional toppings embody durian flavored preserve and pulut. Price correct it’s unequivocally reasonable formed on a apportionment distance and quality.

His ais kacang is positively smashing with a innumerable of charming toppings. Everything was unequivocally uninformed and overall, a ABC does not ambience usually cloyingly honeyed and artificial. There are copiousness of other flavors and hardness going on in any sip: a refreshingly cooling weed jelly, worldly red beans, chewy tapioca pearls, buttery honeyed corn and a nuttiness from a crunchy peanuts. All of these accompanied by a abounding and savoury coconut milk.

The durian cendol here is also value a try. The approach he creates it is utterly special since besides usually adding durian sauce, he’d supplement some store-bought durian jellies (which indeed ambience great) into a cendol for a singular treat. It competence not demeanour really appetizing though we can assure you, it’s really good.

Depending on a series of customers, we competence need to wait a bit longer than common since it’s a one male show. He used to have a supporter who would do a dishes and purify a tables, though now he has to do all by himself. Despite all that he still managed to say a accessible use so we didn’t mind a wait during all.

After tasting so many ABC in Melaka, this by distant is a best for me. Not to discuss it’s authentic, inexpensive and not prepared in some hippy cafeteria during some touristy area. we wish he keeps a standard, continues to work during unchanging hours and not spin into another Aunty Koh.

ABC Cendol Mamak Thamby Abdullah
Jalan Thamby Abdullah, Bandar Hilir
75000 Melaka
Business hours: Daily 1.30pm – 6pm (Fri 2pm-6pm) Off days not fixed

Just Pie (Halal) @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre

I have had my satisfactory share of pies though a good one is tough to come by. Some competence have good fillings though bad crust, or good crust, though so-so fillings. Or maybe it’s since my bar has been set too high after tasting Maria’s tasty handcrafted beef pies.
So we am blissful to learn Just Pie, a internal and halal approved pie-making association that manages to strike a change between a good membrane and filling.

Most of a pies offering here are savoury, such as a classical duck mushroom, lamb stew, corpulent chilli beef and etc. There are of march some honeyed ones like tiramisu, Nutella mille crepe and red velvet usually to name a few.
Being a beef partner we had to try their Steak Cheese pie @ RM9.50. You don’t need me to tell you, usually demeanour during a flakiness of a smoke fritter – it’s paper skinny and melts in your mouth. As for a beef filling, it’s proposal and flavorful enough, nonetheless we do wish it had some-more meat.

Tiramisu Pie @ RM13.70 – it’s a small denser than a standard tiramisu, not too honeyed with a good volume of chocolate.

The Caramel Banana @ RM9.50 is a personal recommendation from a owner. It has a wet banana stuffing that’s layered with walnuts, raisins and somewhat honeyed with caramel sauce. Although it competence sound really sweet, it’s indeed not. In fact, many of a benevolence comes from a banana and a pleasant raisins.

The final cake we had was a Apple Crumble @ RM9.50 – a throng favourite due to a laxity with apple pies. Personally, we like that they used apple cubes instead of puree to give a cake a improved texture. Cinnamon is also benefaction though used sparingly usually for a hold of fortifying aroma.

Despite carrying to make hundreds of pies daily, Just Pie insists on gripping a tradition by creation them by hand. And as with any peculiarity product, usually a best probable mixture are used to bake a pies and there’s no preservatives either.
For take away, it’s endorsed that we reheat a pies regulating an oven (instead of microwave) so that they won’t dry adult in a process.

Just Pie (Halal)
SK106, Second Floor
1 Utama Shopping Centre
Tel: 012-217 8943 (Herman)

Other branches: Midvalley Megamall IOI City Mall

Sangkaya Coconut Ice Cream @ Ampang Point

How good can coconut ice cream get? Apparently it can get ridiculously good. we have listened of Sangkaya‘s famous coconut ice cream for a while now, though it wasn’t until final weekend that we finally gave it a try. Before that, a final time we had a noted coconut ice cream was in Bangkok during a Chatuchak market.


To be honest we was utterly doubtful about a ambience during first, and a costly cost tab did not assistance either. Shown above is their Signature @ RM10.50, that has 4 tiny scoops of ice cream on uninformed coconut with giveaway upsurge toppings.
From what we researched, their Signature was RM7.90 when they initial started out during Jalan Alor final year, afterwards it was increasing to RM9.90 final month, and now it’s RM10.50. Man, they are unequivocally cashing in on a popularity.
Nevertheless, a coconut ice cream has a unequivocally well-spoken hardness with an amazingly uninformed coconut aroma. It’s like they managed to precipitate a season of a few coconuts into a few scoops of ice cream. And a scrapped out coconut strength during a side is a unequivocally good touch.

Anyway, we did not unequivocally mind profitable for a large cost tab since it was so tasty to a indicate that a cost did not unequivocally matter anymore. Sangkaya’s celebrity is fit and their coconut ice cream is unequivocally value a try during slightest once.
If you’re not convinced, only try a giveaway samples they give out. Due to their popularity, a self-service commanding hire can get unequivocally close and unpleasant. So, get in and get out quick.

Lot FM-11, Ground Floor
Ampang Point Shopping Centre
68000 Ampang, Selangor
Business hours: 10am to 10pm daily

Prawn Crackers & Fish Ball Noodle @ Jalan Tengkera, Melaka

Jalan Tengkera is a good place to hunt for cheap, sentimental comfort Malaccan food. Besides mee bodoh and putu piring, one of a many renouned food stalls here sells Prawn Crackers Fish Ball noodles. This noodle case operates in a residence where they have converted a atmospheric front porch into a dining area.

Here’s how a noodle looks like – unequivocally elementary and plain. It reminds me of a prawn noodle my primary propagandize used to offer since they also had prawn crackers in it.
Anyway, as we can see a soup is unequivocally transparent and has boiled onion oil combined for an additional incense and flavor. It tastes unequivocally honeyed though in an assumed way, that we consider is attributed to a magnanimous use of MSG. we consider that’s since this noodle is also famous as ‘Ajinomoto mee’.
The prawn crackers on a other palm is unequivocally crunchy though to be honest we can’t unequivocally ambience any genuine prawn flavor. For me, it felt some-more like satirical into pieces of low boiled flour. As for a fish balls, there’s zero unequivocally special about them too.

Despite all a things we said, we indeed didn’t mind perplexing this noodle since of a uniqueness. And also, it seems to be renouned with a locals. For RM3.50 a play we don’t consider we could protest too much. Just keep your expectations true and we wouldn’t be too disappointed.

I am not certain about their business hours though from what we researched it’s 7am to 2pm on weekends only. we repeat, WEEKENDS only. Please scold me if you’re a unchanging and my info is wrong. The easiest approach to locate for this emporium is to demeanour for a Malacca Badminton Association, as it’s only opposite.

Tai Zhi Wei Formosa Noodle House ??????? during Taman Sutera Utama, Skudai

This Tai Zhi Wei Formosa Noodle House ??????? (N1.51609 E103.67048) is located during a dilemma emporium lot section of Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/3, Taman Sutera Utama, Skudai – Johor Bahru. The dilemma lot is a ‘foot reflexology centre’ and this cafeteria is only situated beside it. The area is good ventilated though it can be comfortable infrequently during a prohibited wet continue of Malaysia.

The owners of a cafeteria was accessible and he introduced some of their authentic Taiwanese dishes for us…

*  Taiwanese scallion pancake – ???
*  Braised pig rice – ??? (recommended)
*  Taiwanese beef noodle – ???????
*  Chicken clout rice – ???
*  Taiwanese minced pig homemade noodles – ????? (recommended)
*  Pot plaque – ?? (recommended)
*  Rainbow dumplings – ???? (recommended)

Really appreciated for a recommendation, we like some of a dishes unequivocally much! But some were mediocre…

The Taiwanese scallion pancake – ??? was served somewhat dry and a scallion was too little, though a salsa was nice.

The braised pig rice ??? was one of a favorite! The pig were braised to perfection! It was tender, tender and tasty! we adore it!
Must try if we are pig lover!

The beef noodle ???????was ambience average, though a homemade noodle was good and springy. Strongly endorsed on a noodle.

The chicken clout rice ???served with vegetables. If a duck clout offer in some-more wet afterwards it will be perfect…

The ambience of a minced pig homemade noodle ?????was ‘authentic’ and delicious! It served a identical ambience that we had in Taipei, oh…this noodle unequivocally done me missed my days in Taipei…

The pot plaque – ?? (or Chinese vessel boiled dumplings) was served in luscious and tasty! It was not too dried, we all like it! Another recommended!

Rainbow dumplings ???? was Perfect! Each of blimp skin was not synthetic caricature though it was from a healthy resources…natural, seaweed, yam, pandan and others. The fillings were perfumed and fresh, some with minced pig and some with chives or anniversary vegetables.
Each of them had opposite ambience where we can suffer a tasty dumplings one-by-one slowly…
Recommended and contingency try!

Overall, a dishes were nice and tasty. Some of them need some composition to fit a open taste, or it only my personal opinions. But a bottom line is…the cost is unequivocally reasonable! You might say, it’s inexpensive and good! Go and try it out yourself with all these affordable Taiwanese Cuisines during Tai Zhi Wei ???, Taman Sutera Utama.

Beside a foods, we would like to prominence a lemon juice. The lemon they use was not a internal normal lemon, a ambience was super refreshing! It’s a good approach to cold we down underneath a prohibited weather.

Kedai Makanan Ah Heng @ Lorong Tiong Nam 3, KL

Kedai Makanan Ah Heng is a curbside hawker case that serves a operation of normal Chinese beef dishes. They are maybe many famous for their white peppers pig stomach soup – guaranteed to perk we adult and comfortable your swell during a same time.

A singular apportionment of a soup with strips of pig stomach and a span of duck feet costs RM9, a satisfactory cost deliberation a apportionment size. The soup is intensely piquant (as expected) yet appetizing, best enjoyed while it’s still comfortable before a season goes flat.

Another quintessential plate here is a Claypot Spare Ribs @ RM12. Even yet a soup looks identical to a peppers soup above, it’s indeed honeyed and tasty with a good herbal undertone. we was utterly astounded during how proposal a gangling ribs were. They usually indispensable a hold of light soy salsa to move out a healthy benevolence of a meat. Simple and nice.

Next up, Braised Pork @ RM8. You could select pig belly, trotters, viscera or also brew them adult if we want. we suspicion this was normal during best given we felt a braised salsa was not thick and dainty enough. That said, a pig viscera were cleared entirely so there wasn’t any musty smell.

There are a integrate of duck dishes here yet we motionless to try a Hua Diao Chicken @ RM12 given duck curry is too common, and we are not unequivocally a fan of rice booze chicken.
It was tasty interjection to a perfumed ‘hua diao’ aroma and a punch of ginger that always goes good with Chinese wine. Among a 4 dishes we tried, this was a strongest tasting one.

The menu is displayed on a signboard. If we can’t review Chinese, other offerings here embody pig trotter in vinegar and ginger dish (zhu kiok chou), sour gourd and pig ribs stew, pig swell with mustard cabbage (mui choy), pig trotter/belly with carrot, pale vegetables (in oyster sauce) and fish cakes.

Our dish cost RM46.60 (inclusive of rice and herbal drinks) that is understandably pricey given we had 4 beef dishes. Overall a food here is not bad yet zero unequivocally illusory either. Nonetheless, it was a estimable knowledge that we would suggest to anyone who’s meddlesome in this kind of food.

Kedai Makanan Ah Heng
Lorong Tiong Nam 3, Chow Kit
50350, KL
Business hours: 6pm to 1am
Tel: 016-956 9353

Wan Char Koay Teow @ Residensi Bistaria, Ampang

One thing that creates Wan Char Koay Teow (WCKT) mount out from a rest is their pioneering menu offerings. Besides a common prawn and cockles, other seafood such as squid, baby lobster, crayfish, clams and even soothing bombard crabs are available.

Even yet Wan is from a easterly coast, his Char Koay Teow is an instrumentation of a strange recipe from Butterworth. His process of cooking is rather opposite from what we am used to see in Penang, that is not unequivocally a large understanding to me as prolonged as a ambience is there.

The initial thing we beheld about a original CKT (kerang + udang @ RM5 for normal portion) is a some-more plump than common cockles – good if we like them big. The prawns were uninformed too, clear by their organisation and honeyed strength and palliate of peeling.
If we wish to suffer a Char Koay Teow during a dictated flavor, I’d advise we ask to replace a preserved chillies, or have it served alone so that a clever vinegar ambience does not ‘taint’ a benevolence of a noodles.

For a hold of luxury, a baby lobster CKT is labelled during RM15. The baby lobster was dipped into a special curry beat and boiled alone before being surfaced on a portion of ‘kosong’ CKT.

Wan used to use flower crabs for his CKT yet after a feedback from a business about a con of carrying to de-shell a crabs, he motionless to examination with soft bombard crab instead.
At RM13 per serving, we get a whole soothing bombard crab, that is prepared accurately like a baby lobster earlier. Between a lobster and soothing bombard crab, we indeed cite a latter since there’s some-more strength to go around.

Here’s WCKT’s full menu. Satay is also accessible yet during a after time, they need to glow adult a colourless grill. Even yet they are handling from one of a coffee shops located during a belligerent building of a residential condo, visitors can expostulate in and park in any dull parking space.

Wan Char Koay Teow (FB page)
Achik Corner, Blok B
Residensi Bistaria, Jalan Ukay Bistari
Taman Ukay Bistari, 68000 Ampang
GPS Coordinates: 3°11’48.6?N 101°45’59.2?E
Tel: 012-361 1585
Business hours: 5.30pm to 12am (closed on Saturdays)

Seri Nyonya Peranakan Restaurant @ Hotel Equatorial, Melaka

Last weekend, we had a pleasure of dining during one of a many beautiful restaurants we have ever seen – Seri Nyonya of Hotel Equatorial Melaka. This desirable Peranakan grill is famous for a home baked Nyonya style-dishes, that is a initial in a 5-star hotel as distant as we am concerned.

The overwhelming and charming environment of Seri Nyonya also creates it a renouned venue for couples who wish to have a singular Peranakan themed wedding.

It was a full march plate and we were served a sum of 7 dishes, all hand-picked by a government to showcase a flawlessness of their menu.
We started off with ‘Sup Itik Tim‘ that is a contingency in any Peranakan meal. It’s fundamentally a soup prepared with preserved vegetables, green plum and steep meat. The transparent looking soup is comforting with a agreeably sharp though not tainted essence that unequivocally non-stop adult a appetite.

And what’s a Peranakan plate though Pie Tie? Easy to eat though wily to make, these ethereal morsels were decently crafted. We enjoyed a smashing contrariety of textures between a wet and delectable ‘Jiu Hu Char’ that sits in a thin, crispy cups.

Next up, ‘Ayam Buah Keluak‘ – duck baked in sharp savoury gravy with Kalimantan black nuts. This normal plate is an acquired ambience due to a sharp and sourish ambience that a nuts give.
Personally, we wasn’t unequivocally a fan of it, this is something that we possibly like or we don’t.

Ikan Gerang Assam‘ – instead of regulating a whole fish, fish fillets were used instead since they are weak and easier to eat generally for kids.
Compared to asam pedas (another identical and renouned internal favourite), a gravy is most thicker with a some-more offset brew of spiciness and acidity from a tamarind juice. It was tasty and went intensely good with rice.

My favourite plate of a night had to be a ‘Udang Lemak Nenas‘. This quintessential plate has everyhing we like in a bowl: vast tasty sea prawns, coconut formed gravy, spiciness and luscious sliced pineapples. There’s simply zero not to like about this classical that highlights a characterisitcs of Peranakan food – tangy, savoury and rich.

To finish a experience, there were also ‘Telur Dadar Cincaluk‘ (egg omelette with preserved krill) and ‘Kangkong Goreng Belacan‘. Honestly, we was awaiting a omelette to be utterly sharp due to a cincaluk though it was surprisingly fragrant. Similar to a Ayam Buah Keluak, cincaluk is also rather an acquired taste. Fortunately for me, we favourite it. we suspicion it done a ideal pairing with a gravy from a assam fish.

For dessert we had nothing other than Nyonya cendol, an icy provide that Melaka is famous for. Although it was exquisite to a hawker version, it was worthy for grill standard.
Seri Nyonya’s cendol emphasizes on a use of Gula Melaka for a abounding and heated flavour, though could use a heavier sip of santan for additional fragrance.

Asam Boi is a signature splash here and a mixture is done with red plum (to get a orangish-red colour) and longan. It’s unequivocally utterly overwhelming – lovely with a ideal multiple of honeyed and sour, good for quenching thirst.

Besides ala grant dishes, Nyonya character steamboat is also accessible here during RM70++ for 2 pax. You get to select between spicy, asam-like soup and transparent vegetarian soup for a prohibited pot. It’s a satisfactory cost deliberation it’s Equatorial, and we are removing mostly uninformed mixture such as prawns, sliced fish, squid, chicken, beef and yong tau fu and not processed food.

Seri Nyonya Peranakan Restaurant
3rd Floor, Hotel Equatorial Melaka
Bandar Hilir, 75000 Melaka
Tel: 06-282 8333

Nutty Coco Chatuchak Coconut Ice Cream @ IPC Shopping Centre

Another Chatuchak-style coconut ice cream has landed in Malaysia. This time they are called Nutty Coco and can be found during a belligerent building of IPC (Ikano Power Centre) Shopping Centre. Last weekend was their grand opening so there was 1 buy 1 giveaway 1 graduation that will final for a week – until 30 Apr 2015.

Currently there are 3 kinds of coconut associated products on their menu: ice cream, reward coconut H2O and milkshake. Oddly adequate their signature coconut ice cream shares a same name as Sangkaya’s, that is named zero other than “The Signature“.
At RM9.50, we get a few scoops (didn’t count how many) coconut ice cream and a few strips of coconut strength that are surfaced with whole sweetcorn and roasted groundnut.

To be straightforward a multiple is zero new though we know that it will work. As for a ice cream, a hardness was some-more like a sorbet and not as tawny as Sangkaya’s. It could be a good or bad thing depending on your palate. Personally, we like cave to be abounding and creamy. Taste correct it was positively tasty – lovely with an observable coconut hint though still, not as ‘concentrated’ as Sangkaya’s.

The Galaxy Star @ RM10.50 has sugar star (the cereal thingy), chocolate salsa and peanut. Although we am not unequivocally a fan of sugar star, their crunchiness was surprisingly beguiling when eaten together with a ice cream.

The remarks we done about Nutty Coco competence make them sound defective to Sangkaya in comparison, though that’s unequivocally not a case. Their ice cream was good and tasted really tighten to what we had during Chatuchak. Furthermore, with a buy 1 giveaway 1 graduation going on, there’s no reason not to give Nutty Coco a try.

Nutty Coco
G11, Ground Floor
IPC Shopping Centre, Mutiara Damansara
47800 Petaling Jaya – Largest Land Travel Ticketing Website in South East Asia

Although drifting is affordable now, there are still times when traveling by land is my elite mode of transportation. Although it competence take longer, land transport is some-more relaxing and some-more importantly, gentle in comparison to atmosphere travel. There is copiousness of options to transport within and out of Malaysia to beside countries such as Thailand and Singapore.

You could take a sight or bus, afterward opt to lease an automobile during your destination. Wouldn’t it be good if there was a one-stop website to hunt and book sight and sight tickets and even take caring of automobile rentals? Well demeanour no serve than easy book, an online engagement height to business from Malaysia and Singapore.

Besides carrying some-more than 110 obvious manager companies on board, easybook also allows we to book KTM sight tickets online, as good as providing automobile let services with rival rates online. For me, one of a vital draws of regulating easybook is that we can do all these bookings with one singular account, so we don’t have to conduct mixed logins and passwords.

The website is officious easy to use given it is designed to have a identical interface with many vital online engagement systems for atmosphere tickets. Just select your vacating and nearing destinations, dates, series of people and walla – a complement shows we all a probable schedules, companies, ratings along with a prices.

Another underline that we like about easybook’s website is that it’s really manageable but too many postbacks. Speaking as a programmer, that’s user friendship for you. You can filter, arrange and cgange your bookings in a same page but carrying to modernise it.

For initial time users, a website also facilities a FAQ territory and a minute “How to Book Tickets” guide that outlines a step-by-step routine (with photos) to squeeze your tickets. For mobile users, a easybook mobile app is also accessible in vital smartphone platforms such as Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone. Have fun formulation your subsequent ‘balik kampung’ trip!

Malaysia Premier Hotel Directory