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The living cost is increasing year-by-year. We hear housing prices rise at a nick of time. Moreover, policy keeps changing, scrutinizing lots of people. The cost of food and living is getting worse by the day. There are even people working standard jobs who can’t afford houses. Despite that, we still pull through each day. Worry not! There are still many things we can do. For example, doing a side income business. Currently, the side income business is becoming a craze. As the challenges rise up, people get more CREATIVE. Side income business is the way to make extra income. Let’s see what is the available side income.   

klik sini

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing. Firstly, what is affiliate marketing? Generally, affiliate marketing is promoting a company’s products or services. In that regard, we receive money or commission. The benefit of affiliate marketing is a low cost start-up. It doesn’t require a lot of money to start. Furthermore, it will depend on the affiliate’s marketing content. Aside from that, affiliate marketing is low risk. Therefore, it is perfect for a tight business budget. After affiliate generates conversion then only we get paid. Next, affiliate marketing has high ROI(Return On Investment). The key for this is knowing your audience. High returns occur when your affiliate is perfect for the audience.


Secondly, Airbnb. Most people probably have heard about Airbnb, right? Let’s get to know Airbnb. Airbnb is known as “Air Bed and Breakfast”. Airbnb enables property owners to rent out their space for travelers. Travelers can rent specific rooms or the whole space. In addition, this business generates money for owners. Airbnb hosts allow owners to accumulate higher extra income. Also, owners can maintain the flexibility to use their properties. The charging rates may fluctuate. However, it still generates more than traditional hosting. Besides that, owners can gain communication skills. They will meet diverse people and increase their social ability. Check it out if you’re interested.

Drop Shipping

Thirdly, drop shipping is another option for a side income business. Drop shipping is one that is more familiar to everyone. It is a form of retail business. The seller accepts customers orders but doesn’t keep any goods. Additionally, it has lower costs starting and maintaining. Secondly, drop shipping inherently saves time and money. Drop shippers don’t have to deal with physical stores. They don’t need to manage the logistics part. Then, you can work flexibly. Plus point for drop shipping is you can work anywhere. Good internet connection is vital for communication. You will need this to communicate with suppliers and clients. There are many tips beginners can find on the internet. That being said, use your resources skillfully and effectively.


To summarize, the side income business is legit. The most important thing we could do is NOT GIVING UP. They say one size doesn’t fit for all sizes. Side income business can be your main income. You can make it work if you have strong determination. Finally, side income doesn’t give overnight success. SUCCESS IS EARNED!

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