Sikit Atas Restaurant & Bar @ Damansara Heights

There is no necessity of good restaurants during Damansara Heights. The severe partial is to demeanour for one where we can get nice, stuffing plate that also fits a normal salary-man’s budget. Cue a opening of opening of Sikit Atas (replacing Nerofico) – a infrequent dining grill that aims to offer robust nonetheless wallet accessible meals.
Like a name “Sikit Atas” suggests, we could find somewhat aloft standards of mixture and food credentials process here compared to other restaurants of identical cost range.


Besides a common Asian and Western menu, Sikit Atas also offers Northern Indian cuisine to support to a expats operative nearby. So pattern to see engaging alloy dishes such as Chicken Tikka pizza and Prawn n Curry Leafs pasta, only to name a few.
We started off with a delicious looking Chef’s Last Minute Salad @ RM18 consisting of a mesclun brew (assorted immature salad leaves), roasted chicken, cheese, seasoned octopus (similar to Chuka Idako), strips of turkey ham and quartered boiled eggs.
The salad’s vast apportionment with a inexhaustible garnishing make it probable to be common between dual people or more. It could even work as a categorical march for one given it has all we need in a well-balanced meal. For me, what unequivocally distant this salad from a rest is a chef’s special Caesar dressing. It only tasted right and done all come together perfectly.


Sikit Atas’ pizzas are baked regulating a normal wood-fired oven for that fascinating crispy on a outside, feathery on a inside texture. The Chicken Tikka Pizza @ RM20 (small) is their signature pizza and came rarely endorsed by a management.
Well, we could positively see why. This matrimony of Indian and Italian competence seem surprising during initial though it unequivocally worked. It roughly felt like carrying a crispy naan with duck tikka, though with a cheesy onion flavour.

Chicken Makhanwala

On hindsight – we would’ve systematic something else other than another flour-based food. But we did not bewail perplexing a Chicken Makhanwala (with chickpea curry) @ RM24 – a abounding and tawny curry-like plate that’s unequivocally amiable in spiciness.
So if we cite sharp food afterwards this competence not interest to you, as there are other spicier options in a menu. That being said, a essence of this plate was so good that we couldn’t conflict celebration a gravy like it was some kind of thick soup.

Bread Butter Pudding

If we like desserts, you’d be overloaded with choices since there’s a full page dedicated to it. Price wise, a desserts are unequivocally affordable and reasonable since a many costly one is a Classic Bread Butter Pudding (shown above) @ RM16, while a rest float around RM10 to RM13. Even some-more so when we cruise a fact that some desserts are served with Haagen Dazs ice cream.
It is also value observant that all a desserts and cakes accessible during Sikit Atas are done in-house instead of sourcing them from other bakeries.



The ambiance during Sikit Atas could be epitomised as sports bar meets song loll in an open dining space. The pattern also allows for copiousness of healthy light that accentuates a regard of this complicated nonetheless classical restaurant.



Currently, there are many promotions going on that seem unequivocally overwhelming from buy 1 giveaway 1 pasta to giveaway coffee (freshly brewed Grand Milano) for some-more than RM10 spent on desserts. So conduct on to their Facebook page to get a latest dip on their promotions. we don’t consider we will be means to list all of them here.
Ground Floor, Wisma Perintis
47 Jalan Dungun, Damansara Heights
50490 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2094 2489

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