Nutty Coco Chatuchak Coconut Ice Cream @ IPC Shopping Centre

Another Chatuchak-style coconut ice cream has landed in Malaysia. This time they are called Nutty Coco and can be found during a belligerent building of IPC (Ikano Power Centre) Shopping Centre. Last weekend was their grand opening so there was 1 buy 1 giveaway 1 graduation that will final for a week – until 30 Apr 2015.

Currently there are 3 kinds of coconut associated products on their menu: ice cream, reward coconut H2O and milkshake. Oddly adequate their signature coconut ice cream shares a same name as Sangkaya’s, that is named zero other than “The Signature“.
At RM9.50, we get a few scoops (didn’t count how many) coconut ice cream and a few strips of coconut strength that are surfaced with whole sweetcorn and roasted groundnut.

To be straightforward a multiple is zero new though we know that it will work. As for a ice cream, a hardness was some-more like a sorbet and not as tawny as Sangkaya’s. It could be a good or bad thing depending on your palate. Personally, we like cave to be abounding and creamy. Taste correct it was positively tasty – lovely with an observable coconut hint though still, not as ‘concentrated’ as Sangkaya’s.

The Galaxy Star @ RM10.50 has sugar star (the cereal thingy), chocolate salsa and peanut. Although we am not unequivocally a fan of sugar star, their crunchiness was surprisingly beguiling when eaten together with a ice cream.

The remarks we done about Nutty Coco competence make them sound defective to Sangkaya in comparison, though that’s unequivocally not a case. Their ice cream was good and tasted really tighten to what we had during Chatuchak. Furthermore, with a buy 1 giveaway 1 graduation going on, there’s no reason not to give Nutty Coco a try.

Nutty Coco
G11, Ground Floor
IPC Shopping Centre, Mutiara Damansara
47800 Petaling Jaya

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