Shaheen Palace Moghul Cuisine @ Kampung Baru

Shaheen Palace serves Northern Indian and Pakistani cuisine with a Malaysian touch. Stepping into a grill feels like a time diverge – unequivocally aged propagandize and a walls are lonesome with cinema from their country menu.
Due to miss of manpower (main plea in any FB business) it was sealed temporarily for a few months during midst of final year. But they have reopened given Aug 2014 and is still in operation on a day of this post.


In short, abounding and savoury Moghul cuisine is served here and we have over a hundred affordable dishes to select from. Talk about choices. Despite looking burning hot, many of a dishes we systematic that day were intensely amiable in spiciness and shouldn’t poise a problem to any Malaysian.
However, if we are looking for something spicicer, a kitchen could balance adult a feverishness accordingly. Or we could simply ask for a sharp recommendation, despite usually a handful of options are available.


The Biryani here is pronounced to be unequivocally good yet we were in a mood for naan instead. So we skipped a rice dishes and went for a Shaheen Tandoori Naan @ RM9.90. It was surfaced with skinny cheese shreds, fruit cocktails and jellies with a essence some-more to a honeyed side.


The Bombay Butter Chicken served with a inexhaustible garnishing of cashew nuts and raisins @ RM19.90 is one of a signature dishes here and we can’t suggest it enough. The tawny curry-like gravy was abounding in a essential elements of an Indian plate and goes intensely good with naan, that we gladly mopped adult each final dump of it. Even yet duck breast is used, a beef was proposal adequate to be enjoyed.

Shaheen-Palace Handi-Gosht

Handi Gosht (Mutton Stew) @ RM18.90 is another signature plate that came rarely endorsed by a owner. The mutton was soft, well-spiced and tasty after being delayed baked for a prolonged period. The gravy, that seemed prohibited was indeed unequivocally amiable and also tasted good with naan. But we still elite a butter chicken’s for a thicker consistency.

Shaheen-Palace Palak-Cream

Palak Cream @ RM7.90 – we felt a seasoning was a bit off, as it tasted a tad too salty. This was a usually plate we did not conduct to finish.

Shaheen-Palace Sizzling-Fish

We also systematic a seafood plate that was a Shaheen Sizzling Fish @ RM25.90. Sizzling vessel dishes are also a specialty here and we could have it with prawns, beef and chicken. Flavour correct it was unequivocally identical to a meal we had yet with a heavier tomato presence. The fish was unequivocally uninformed yet altogether a plate felt utterly oily.


For initial timers, this grill could be wily to find since it’s indeed utterly dark from a categorical road. Even with Waze and GPS we had to ask a business owners circuitously for a accurate location.
Despite some teenager misses in dual of a dishes, Shaheen Palace was still value a difficulty looking for. Ultimately, a good still outweighed a bad by a prolonged shot.


Shaheen Palace – The House of Authentic Moghul Cuisine
27, Lorong Haji Hussein Satu
Kampung Baru, 50300 Kuala Lumpur
Business hours: Mon – Thu (12pm – 11pm), Fri (5pm – 11pm), Sat – Sun (12pm – 11pm)
Tel: 03-2698 2828 / 012-224 9551

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