top server backup system Malaysia

When You Can Have the Best Data Server Support

Online backup and recovery solutions solve this problem by automatically pushing file and database changes over the Internet to an offsite installation, ensuring backup continuity. The effort of your staff to achieve this level of backup is minimal – they only need to schedule the operation, dramatically increasing the reliability of your business data protection.

Choose the Best

The best online backup and recovery solutions not only protect modified files, but also capture changes to databases and open files, which contain some of the most important business data without interrupting the progress of your operations. Because they automatically capture system information as well as data, you can rest assured that you can easily restore an entire system to another location, with minimal intervention from technical personnel. Choosing the top server backup system Malaysia is the best choice.

With these full and continuous automatic backups, you can, in the event of a disruption or disaster, restore data from the moment immediately before the interruption, rather than from the previous evening (or an earlier date). ), which greatly improves your ability to meet your recovery goals and reduces costs associated with downtime.

top server backup system Malaysia
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Automatic and Secure Vaulted Data Storage Off Site

You believe you are taking all the necessary measures. You back up your data periodically. You make sure that your backup hardware is functioning properly and that your configurations are up to date. You are testing restoration. Yet when a pipe in your building’s sprinkler system bursts and water floods your servers and backups, you lose all your essential data overnight.

No matter how important it is to backing up your data, backup copies themselves are only part of the solution. To truly protect your data, you must also transport it offsite. Too many businesses keep their backup copies on-site and in so doing unnecessarily expose them to fire and flood hazards. Some companies require an employee to bring the media home. While this can be effective (if the employee doesn’t forget your media!), What if your employee leaves the media in their car, exposed to the risk of theft or damage caused by the heat or cold? The time and money you spend recreating lost data can cause not only productivity losses,

Online backup-to-disk and recovery solutions, on the other hand, use your current Internet connection to automatically transmit your data off-site. Your backed up data is transferred offsite within minutes of being updated. Regardless of the nature of the disaster affecting your business, you can restore your data from the moment immediately preceding the disaster.

Better Control Over Data Recovery

If a disaster hits your location and you need to use your data in a different location, be aware that traditional backup and restore methods may require more time and effort than a company that can afford. has a limited technical staff. No business, big or small, can do without having access to its critical data for hours and, let alone, days.


One of the main advantages of these online solutions is that they give you a lot of leeway. You choose which functions will be performed automatically while giving you the flexibility to manage and monitor all stages of the backup and recovery process at any time, from any location.

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