Nirvana Beach Restaurant during Gili Sudak, Lombok island

After a fun activities during Gili Nanggu, some were tired, some were tired though all of us really hungry! So we changed to a subsequent island for late lunch – The Nirvana Beach restaurant during Gili Sudak(S8.72575 E116.02772)

The area was good and a grill is usually situated subsequent to a beach. A elementary joist character setup, though a captivate is a surrounding…

 print IMG_3294_zps3ce99679.jpg
 print IMG_3293_zps35b40e1d.jpg

Once we staid with everybody bags and belonging, we started to snapped around…the BBQ of pleasant charming parrot fish became a categorical attraction!

 print IMG_3279_zpsb7d2fdaa.jpg
 print IMG_3281_zps2dad46cc.jpg

Everyone was bustling holding photos with a fish…rarely have a possibility to see a routine of a BBQ parrot fish…

 print IMG_3284_zpsa5bb80af.jpg
 print IMG_3283_zpsb2f0e0c4.jpg
 print IMG_3289_zpsea530f1c.jpg

Our associate debate partner – Sock Peng ( was assisting a BBQ preparation…haha!

While watchful for a lunch to be serve, a corns soup was prepared for everybody in a restaurant. All of us can’t wait to try out a Lombok food during a restaurant…actually, we were starving…:)

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 print IMG_3298_zps2230fee7.jpg

Before we finish a soup, other delicacies like veggies and toufu were prepared during a portion counter…

 print Tile1_zpsb337b90c.jpg

Then followed by a BBQ fish…

 print IMG_3312_zps05764e39.jpg
 print IMG_3310_zpsd1c6d613.jpg

For any dishes we chose, don’t forget to ambience some of their sorcery cut chili, that was super hot! we like it really much!

 print IMG_3306_zps415bb877.jpg

One fish for one chairman (or more).
All of us enjoyed any of a BBQ parrot fish and some of us took 2…the fish was uninformed and we trust usually BBQ with a small salt that done ideal of a taste!

 print IMG_3315_zps861f70f7.jpg
 print IMG_3316_zps39096615.jpg

End up, we couldn’t conflict myself to had another BBQ parrot fish…oh! it was excellent!

We took some-more than 2 hours to enjoyed a stage and a fanciful lunch along a beach of Gili Sudak, it was a memorable experience, generally with a accessible staffs in a restaurant.
Recommended for a initial time caller to Lombok island!

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